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Image Master is the new tool for image professionals

Image Master (Free to Try, $39 to Try- Windows) - is the new tool for image professionals and applications developers who want to use images efficiently and save time on image processing. Image Master contains the core functionality of Web Imaging except Web oriented features. Image Master can be used as standalone tool for effective image processing or can be easy integrated with custom applications on the level of the plug-ins. 

I have a bunch of RAW files that I need to convert to JPG's. How can I do this?

RAW converter in CS2 is a great conversion tool for this. Some users describe Camera Raw in CS2 the main program and photoshop is simply a plugin to it. This tool gives you incredible control over the conversion process and then can even help batch process a bunch of RAW shots into Jpg, Tiff, or psd. 

The nice thing about Camera Raw in CS2 is that you can apply all the 'tweaks' that you want in the tool and it keeps track of these tweaks for each RAW file so the next time you bring up that RAW file these conversion tweaks are still present. This way you do not have to commit to a Jpg, or Tiff conversion until you are ready and can easily create multiple version from one RAW file. 

Adobe is also pushing a more standardized format called DNG which is like a RAW file but it differs in that it is non-propriety to any one camera maker. You can convert RAW files to DNG with Camera Raw as well. The advantage is that the software no longer will have to keep track of the Raw file and it's companion sidecar file that contains all your custom 'tweaks' to the Raw file, DNG puts all the info into one file. And keep in mind that the original RAW data is always present and always fully recoverable so any 'tweaks' are always non-destructive.

Layer Pilot is a color quantization software
This color quantization software allows you to apply the posterization image effect to your photos. To create an image poster you can break up your image into separate color layers and merge them to form a new version of your original image.

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