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Office 97, Photo Editor

I install Office 97 with Photo Editor too in Win Xp as Administrator. When I open with some user account I can't use Photo Editor for registry problem. What I need to do?


Make sure your user has privileges to run exe programs. You seem to have installed it under the Admin profile and the user may not have permission to run the program.

MS Photo Editor :Saving an Image

: Using your mouse, click on File in the Menu bar.

: Click on Save As.

: In the Save As window, go to the Save in: window and click on the down arrow to display more choices.

: Click on 3 ??Floppy [A:].

: In the Filename Box, type in the filename that you want to save your file as.

: Click Save.


Microsoft Photo Editor: The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar:

1. File - Create, open, save documents or quit Photo Editor.

2. Edit - Undo, delete, copy and insert.

3. View - Changes the visibility of the Status bar, Rulers and the Tool Bar.

4. Image - Resize, crop, rotate, optimize the image.

5. Effects - Apply an effect to the image.

6. Window - Rearrange windows, or activate specified window.

7. Help - Activate information for using Microsoft Photo Editor.


Microsoft Photo editor :Photo editor window size is always Maximum


Photo editor window size is always Maximum.

I am unable to rezize it. Maximum and Minimized are the only two options.

I tried increasing my screen resolution so that I could grab and resize the window. No matter what I set the screen resolution to, the window is at Maximum. RMB on task bar has the Restore option greyed out unless I select Minimize first. However, Restore then does nothing.

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