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Photoshop question: edit photo

I am new to photoshop. My question is regarding cropping. I have cropped my images to the way I like them but I have realised I am assuming if I want prints of a standard size eg. 10x8 then I am geussing I have to crop evenly or to a dimension or ratio or something? I am sure there is an easy answer I just cant find it?? 
You are right, you need to crop to the final dimension of the print. Select the crop tool in Photoshop and look on the top toolbar. You can enter the width and height of the final image (e.g. 10" x 8"), the crop toll will be constrained to a) work with this ratio, and b) not exceed these dimensions.

sharpen this image with photo editor
Is there anyway to sharpen this image? Please feel free to edit, if possible. Thanks =) 

Its pretty dark..if you adjust the levels or curves youll probably end up with a pretty grainy looking photo.
Paint Shop Pro 9 v. PhotoShop CS 

Ok, I know this is the door to the hornets nest but I'm opening it anyway. 

I need/want new image editing software. I'm out of date/fed up with Photoshop Elements 2. 

Photoshop CS is US$599
Photoshop Elements 3 is US$89
Paint Shop Pro 9 is US$99

One of the features I need but don't have on Elements 2 is the cut/fold marks that you can print out with Photoshop 9. So if I have a 5x7 pic printed on 8.5x11 paper it will show me exactly where to cut. Right now I have a friend print them from his comp w/PS7, which is a very sucky setup.

I haven't found any info on Elements 3 that indicates it's much better than 2 or has the cut/fold marks I want. Photoshop 9 has everything I want, but I still need that arm and leg. I can't justify paying US$599 for a program where I only use 4 or 5 functions.

So Silkstone et al... win me over to PSP9. I've used PSP5 for simple stuff at work and don't see the stuff I'm looking for. Is ver. 9 the end all/last editing software I'll need? How well does it handle RAW from a 300D? And will Silkstone give me his home number so he can walk me through the learning curve? (It's a 5 hour difference so I won't bother you until after midnight your time ).

Convert Red to Pink by photo editor

I have a photo of a boat with a post office red hull. I have been trying to change the hull colour to bright pink with no success; I keep ending up with something close to orange. Does anyone know if there is a simple way I can do this?
I am using Paint Shop Pro X on this computer.
Select the hull - either with the Magic Wand or manually with the lasso tool.

There are a few ways to go from here, but try this...

Using the Materials pallette, choose a suitable shade of pink as the Foreground colour. The 'Frame' pallette lets you choose the hue from the outer frame, and the saturation and lightness from the inner rectangle.

Now select the Change to Target brush from the tools pallete. (It's in the same group as the Lighten/Darken brush, about half way down the pallette.)

Select a suitable size of brush, and brush over the selected area. It will change the colour to the foreground colour you have selected, without affecting the image detail.

If you're very careful you may not need to select the hull first - but that prevents changing anything else if your brush strays. 

Let's know how you get on. 

EDIT/ Just a thought.... The Change to Target tool will change the hue, but it won't alter the lightness - because that would lose some detail. If you paint in the correct hue, you can then alter the lightness of the selected area with the Hue/Saturation/Lightness function. In fact, you may be able to get the correct hue from this as well, without using the C-t-T tool.

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