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Using MS Photo Editor to scan picture

Most scanner manufacturers design their products with a large obvious button on the front of the unit that initializes the scan command. The user simply places the image face-down on the glass plate, and then presses the appropriate button. The scanner driver launches automatically as a result.


ACDSee Photo Editor 4.0 new features (1)

Photo Editor is a completely new, image-editing application, designed to be a companion application for ACDSee. It gives you the tools to make advanced edits to your photos, fixing problems like over- and under-exposure, color tints, and red-eye. Creating stunning visual effects is also so easy that you will achieve professional results in no time at all.


MS Photo Editor Problem

I'm stumped...Photo Editor 3.01 used to work fine, but now when I go to FILE | OPEN I see Files of type: All Files (*.tif) in the dropdown. I also have the choice of Tag Image File Format (*.tif) as well as All Files (*.*) If I click on All Files (*.*) I can see my JPEG files in My Pictures tagged as a good *.jpg. but when I go to open those in Photo Editor an error message appears as: PE cannot find or open the file c:\...mypics\*.jpg.tif. Note the new tag "*.jpg.tif" ! Does anyone have a clue how to repair this problem? Thanks in Advance!


Microsoft Photo Editor Introduction

Photo Editor is a great tool from Microsoft that provides the new user with a comfortable environment with which to begin viewing and editing their images.

System requirements: soundcard, headphones/speakers, modem (min 56K), Internet Explorer 4 or higher, Windows 98 or higher, Windows Media Player 7 or higher, min 800x600 screen resolution, Pentium class processor, 16MB RAM.

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