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Photoimpact 4.2 image editing software
had this program on a cd when I got my computer so i didn't buy it and i am glad that i got it for free! Well it is kinda hard to understand, but the most part i understand is the part when you can use special tools like transform pictures, do wind and blur effects and alot more effects it is a pretty good program. the onlye reason i give it 3 stars is because i can't figure out how you do anything else realy and that madedit for webpages would be really helpful for my web page!

bright photo editor
So there's this image of a person taken where there is a very bright, distracting window in the background. What would be an effective way to darken just the window in photoshop? I tried just selecting the window and applying a channel to it, but my selection wasnt perfect so there is light showing through and it looks terrible. Any suggestions? 
If it's not blown-out then just duplicate the background layer to a new layer, adjust levels on the new layer to satisfy the exposure in the window, then create a mask on that layer and paint away with black on the mask everywhere but the window. If you get too close and paint part of the window, switch to white and paint it back in (on the mask). 

If it is extreme, like blown out, or near so, then there might not be much you can do other than clone over it. If you have the opportunity to shoot it over you should maybe expose for the window light and use flash to get the subject lit properly. Or, if the the subject is no longer available but the room is, you can go back and shoot the window with proper exposure for it at as close to the same angle as before and clone/copy this new shot into the old one. Even if the angle is slightly off you can likely transform the window shape to align in Photoshop.

Shortcut PhotoArtist - 1.0.10 
Shortcut PhotoArtist is equipped with all the right painting tools and functionality to let you turn each of your photos into great looking pieces of art. 

2 PIC Mix two pictures 

Mix two pictures so that another pictures appears. Let pictures walk over into each other. Gradient, but now with pictures. Spout a picture into another picture with an aerosol. Transform a picture. Change a chosen color in the whole picture by another color. More. (1MB)

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