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PhotoRetoucher  - Edit your digital photos and pictures!

PhotoRetoucher (Free to Try, $16 to Buy, Windows) - Edit your digital photos and pictures! The picture browser can shows your pictures as thumbnail preview. Then you can retouch your pics, cut out parts out it, optimize the colors, use effect filters, remove objects with the clone brush. You can choose between 9 different brushs like pencil, feather, air brush etc. 

What is a good software to eliminiate the noise in pictures?
What is a good software to eliminiate the noise in pictures? Is there any way to do it in Adobe CS2?
A good, but not cheap, noise reduction plug-in is Noise Ninja. Personally, I have never found found a nice compromise between good nosie reduction and loss of detail with this software, but many folks on this forum love it. There are other options out there as well. 

In CS2, there is a noise reduction filter that will do a decent job of reducing noise. I think it does a better job balancing the maintenance of detail with the noise reduction than Noise Ninja, but it will not completely remove noise like Noise Ninja does.

PhotoX Batch Watermark Creator - 1.1.2 
Avoid unauthorized use of your product photos. Stamp your product photos with watermark. You can add text or image watermark. The watermark can be set into different position of the photo. You can also adjust the opacity of the watermark

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8-Easily edit, repair, and enhance photos

Product Description
By combining automatic and precision tools with an integrated learning system, Paint Shop Pro helps you produce professional results with power and ease. Easily edit, repair, and enhance photos, create graphics for print, presentations, and Web, and much more!

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