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Subject: Photoshop -Border Removal, Resizin

I use photoshop CS2.

I have a handful of small clip art images with yellow borders around them. Deleteing the yellow borders is not a problem, the problem is that after deleting the borders I am left with transparent pixels surrounding the image.

What I would like to learn from you guys is how to make the canvas size smaller so that these transparent border pixels are eliminated. I dont not want to make the image larger to fit the canvas, rather i want to make the canvas smaller to eleminate the transparent pixels at the 4 edges.

I posted in another photoshop forum, but no reply. Any help here will be highly appreciated.


Use the crop tool it is the one that looks like a square with the lines extending out of two of the corners on my toolbox it is the lefthand column third one down-

MS photo editor: Rotate an image

Rotate an image

To rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise:

Click Rotate 90o on the Standard toolbar.

To otherwise rotate an image

1. On the Image menu, click Rotate.

2. Choose the options you want.

3. If you select Arbitrary Angle, enter the number of degrees of rotation you want in the Angle box, and click the clockwise or counterclockwise option.


What can I do with the Microsoft Photo Editor program?

edit scanned photos, photos saved to the desktop from a digital camera, and images copied from other programs

scan in photos and edit them

resize, crop, mat, or rotate an image

create transparent areas in an image

change the type or file format of an image

change the number of colors in an image

change the image resolution

cut, copy, or paste all or part of an image

smudge or sharpen an image

adjust brightness, contrast and the gamma of an image

apply a wide variety of artistic and special effects


Paint.NET is free, not a bad program for photo editing

They keep tweaking it and making it better.


Photo Editor has problems with low memory computers.

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