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image stitching software? 

I have about 150 gif images (all exactly the same size, colours, etc), and I need them all stitched together without any borders or anything in between. The images are named xx.y.gif - xx and y are the positions the images are supposed to be in in the final image. 

Does anyone know of any software that can automate this? I did it manually last time and it was pretty painful 
If you mean without any overlap, it's much easier than if there is overlap between the contents of the images that requires careful placement. For the harder case of overlapping images, check out www.panoramafactory.com and hugin.sourceforge.net (the latter is open source, but I prefer -- and have registered -- the former). 

To simply place images next to each other in a new file, try IrfanView (www.irfanview.com) or the 'montage' command in ImageMagick (www.imagemagick.org). Both programs are free.

Adding Titles to Images by photo editor
Am scanning old black and white photos of family. Having trouble when attempting to add brief titles to each image. Am using Photostudio software. 

What little success I have had only results to layering the text in white print on the image itself. 

My intent is to place the text below the image in black print. 

Photostudio Vs Photoshop which photo editor is better?

I have just started scanning old photos. My software is ArcSoft Photostudio 5.5. I notice that this "forum.pbase" site (to which I just subscribed yesterday) seems to mainly discuss items which are related to Photoshop software. 

(1) Are the two software programs pretty much the same in structure? 
(2) If not, where can I find a forum devoted mostly to PhotoStudio? 
have both photostudio (5.5) and photoshop ( 8 or cs) . Both have strengths and weaknesses. On certain days one will hate me while the other loves me. Both have really cool effects that the other doesn't. 

A lot of the discussion is about photoshop because thats the one with largest makert share. Its along the same lines of "how much pc" vs "how much mac" talk there is in a forum.

Free photo rotate tool 
Anyone know of a simple, free tool that does batch rotates of photos. I found one but it added some text saying produt was unregistered (doh!). URL appreciated. Thanks 

Built in Lossless batch rotation.. Select the files and then rotate...
Irfanview will do lossless batch rotation as well. It also does some basic single and batch image post processing. 


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