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Photoshop color problem:

Anyone out there familiar with Photoshop? All of a sudden, I am unable to obtain a white background in my photos, even when I set the colors to default. The foreground goes to the usual black default, but the background is always a reddish-magenta no matter how I fiddle around. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I am using Elements, so this may not apply. When you start a new file you should have an option to pick transparent, white, or background color along with size, etc.


ms photo editor :Balance

This window allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma of your image. First select the colors you wish to adjust; either red, green, blue or all.

After setting the colors to adjust, use the slider bars to adjust brightness (the amount of white added to the color), contrast (difference between colors and shades of gray) and gamma (contrast or difference in the shades of the dark areas of the image).


Where Can I Get Microsoft Photo Editor?

Okay, so I need Microsoft Photo Editor.

I have WinXP, and all we get in XP is that crappy Photo Viewer or whatever...

I want my Photo Editor back!

I know it was packaged with Windows 97, and I've used it before. It's great for a quick edit of simple things like contrast, brightness, and even making transparent backgrounds. Unfortunately, they discontinued it for XP. That sounds like the stupidest thing ever to me.

Anyways... where the heck can I get it? I read some dumb explanation on Microsoft's website, but that doesn't cut it for me. I want a program download or something.

Look here : http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistan...1454871033.aspx


Microsoft Photo Editor: Opening an Image

: Click on File in the Menu bar.

: Point your mouse to Open and click once.

: In the Open window, go to the Look in: window and click on the down arrow to display more choices.

: Click on 3 ??Floppy [A:] as this will display all the files on your disk

: Click on the file that you wish to open

: Click OK

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