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Photoimpact 4.2 :graphics editors
I have accumulated a number of graphics editors that came bundled with various graphics products, and some with Windows itself. Of all of these I have found PhotoImpact to be the most useful, although it has a number of flaws and inconveniences (ie: having to click Edit and scroll down to crop every time you want to crop a photo gets old quickly). Unfortunately, uLead itself leaves a great deal to be desired - the "free" downloads and trial versions require many attempts at download; an email I sent to their tech support was never answered, etc

PS 7.0 tutorials: learn how to edit photos
I am using PS 7.0 for 5 days now, and I really like it, I downloaded some tutorials and I'm getting used to layers, masks and gradient layers etcetara. 

I have one simple question: How can you ad a simple white border to a photograph in PS 7.0? It must be something quite simple I presume, but I can't find it! 

Thanks in advance for your help, 
If you only need a simple white border just click on image then point to canvas size and from there chose the option that you like to increase the area... 
I usually use the percentage, but you can also specify how many cm, in, pixels you which to add on the length as well as the width! 

Have fun changing the color of the frame too and adding some interesting effects to it. Don't forget that it is the easiest thing to select with the magic wand :)

ColorBetter is a tool for color correction 
ColorBetter is a tool for color correction and color improvement of digital images from any sources (Digital Camera, Scanner, Internet...). The designing goal of this tool is to giving the color what you just want. 

DeKnop (dutch for "The Button") is a graphics editor

DeKnop (dutch for "The Button") is a graphics editor that is designed to let you create buttons for your web site without requiring any graphic design experience. (837KB)

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