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romantic filter effect in photo editor

Does any one know how to get that very fine romantic effect. In analogue film you used to pull a stocking over the lens. 

The effect is still sharp, yet a little bit dreamy. 

Gaussian Blur will give you a nice soft effect. In PS Elements 2 it's under the effects tab. In PS E4 you also have a blur tool you can use for selected areas that's really nice to control DOF. And there's a free plugin I enjoy using on some shots called Virtual Photographer you can download from here: 
It has a soft effect that really works well, along with monochrome effects that work nice. 
Hope this helps.

Watermark on photos by photo editor
I'd like to put copyright signatures on some of my photos, but I don't like to write in black or white on the photo. 
I saw that some of you make some kind of transparent signatures. I tryed to do the same on photoshop, and searched for tutorials on the net, but none was what I wanted. Any help? 

Sorry for keeping bothering you guys with so many questions, but I really have a lot of them and I'm trying to ask them after I searched for an answer on my own. 
You can do it in Photoshop Elements, CS2, all of them. But a more simple way is to find an old copy of iWatermark v2.1.2 It was a give away with the June 05 issue of Digital Camera magazine. 

It very nicely automates adding watermarks to as many photos as you like and allows you to change quite a few things about the watermark - from position to size to style, you name it.

Photo Organizer?? 
Can anyone recommend a good program to keep your digital pictures organized and easy to find. I recently got into a situation when someone requested a shot I did months earlier and had a hell of a time finding it. It made me realize how unorganized I am. I have about 35 CD's and they are all mixed up with differennt stuff on all of them. I had to look at each CD with several hindred pictures and file on each one. OUCH!! 

Adobe Photoshop Album 
This will let you tag images with multiple tags. Here is an example. You take an image of the Yosemite chapel. This image can be tagged as ˇ°Yosemiteˇ±, ˇ°Churchˇ±, ˇ°Californiaˇ±, and ˇ°National Parksˇ±. If you click on the Yosemite tag this image will be displayed along with any other images you have tagged as ˇ°Yosemiteˇ±. It will also be displayed when you click on the ˇ°Californiaˇ± tag along with all other images with this tag and so on. 

Edit the picture in photo editing software

I've seen several photo's that have been posted here and have the photographers name on them. Is this done by using the text feature to edit the picture or is there a better way?
I used to do mine that way and have an action set up to put a border round my photos and then the signature, but then someone told me how to make it as a brush and then you just stamp your signature on your photo. 

Basically you open a new file and use some text for your signature; 
Add a new layer and fill white and ensure text is on top (so you see white background with black text.); 
Merge all layers; 
Use the magic wand to select all the white and inverse this selection (ctrl+i); 
Go to 'edit' and 'define brush preset' and give it a name. 

Now you have a brush with you singature and you can adjust the size and stamp you signature anywhere.

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