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Adobe Streamline 4.0 (Mac)  photo editor

Adobe Streamline v.4.0 - Complete Product - Utility - 1 User(s) Complete Product - Standard - English - MacMaximum control for converting images to line artFaster than a tracing hand, able to leap from raster to line art in a single bound, Adobe? Streamline 4.0 software instantly converts scanned black-and-white or color raster images into editable Adobe PostScript? line art. Just scan any sketch, and Streamline will automatically create a file that you can drag and drop into Adobe Illustrator? to complete your design. Nice electronics is your source for everyday low prices on the Adobe 16020011 - ADOBE STREAMLINE 4.0 MAC and all other Adobe Software - Multimedia 

photoshop how to use this photo editor
Ok i just did a photomerge on 5 pics in photoshop cs. But I suck at photoshop and it has some problems!! I have cropped out some 'junk'. At the top it has some white, and the sun 'burst' made the pics on the right less orange. How do I fix it? Thanks for any help!!! 
The white near the top is easy, use a clone stamp tool... maybe even healing tool, or combo of the two. 

Tough call. As with many Photoshop techniques there are many ways to do the same thing. Sometimes the right thing depends on what you are starting with. Ok, so here you have a stitched together panoramic. Does this file still contain all the individual shots on individual layers? If so here is what I'd do. 

At the border near the middle where the orange meets the blue, add a layer mask to the layer that is top most. Now take a soft edge brush with the foreground color set to black and opacity of the brush turned down to around 40-50 percent and brush along the border. This will help fade the obvious border. 

Magic Image Resizer - 1.02 

Magic Image Resizer is used to resize pictures in most popular graphic formats. It resizes them in batch mode, which means that the user can select hundreds of images, select desired size and just click the Resize button. 


Orange Photo Editor is an useful program that allows you to view, manage and publish photos on your website. It create thumbnails, resize photos and generate HTML pages. (600KB)

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