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Segmation - converts your Photoshop images
Segmation (Free to Try, $129 to Buy, Windows) - converts your Photoshop images into intriguing vector based line art, paint-by-number, and Escher-like patterns. Apply within Photoshop or save outlines and colors as EPS file format. 

Create a simple frame to edit your photos
I am looking for a way to create a simple frame around my shots that will resemble the look of a polaroid pic...The white surrounding the pic... 

I want to set this up with my information on the bottom and save it in PS so all I need to do is resize my image and slip in in the frame... 

I know that probably doesn;t make a bit of sense...Sorry...
I hope this helps. 
Load image, 
Ctrl A (selects all of image), 
Edit / Stroke (from the menu), 
Enter size (10 - 20), 
Select color (white), 
Location - center, 
Mode - normal, 
Opacity - 100%. 
Hit enter. 
Change size and or color to pref. 

Adobe Photoshop Album   photo editor software

It's basically a great cataloger program. Which gives you a different approach to sorting not just your photos but also video. 

Another thing I really love about it is you can print multiple photos on one sheet of photo paper without wasting paper. So you can fill up a whole sheet and cut individual photos out. 

If you are a organizing nut like me, you'll love it too.

Fractal Fantasy - 2.0 image editing related
Fractal Fantasy is a wonderful, easy to use utility for drawing self-similar graphics. It offers you a very simple but powerful method to draw realistic or artistic fractal objects such as leaves, trees, grasses or various fantastic things else.

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