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Photo to DVD
I have a question about software... I want to send photos of the children to grandparents on CD, so they can play it in there DVD player. 

i want to be able to add photos, music, titles and possibly add effects (like change pictures to black and white etc) 

I have Nero, but when I play the CD on the DVD player the pictures are no very clear. I have tried some software with an old camera (HP) which is better, but that will only allow me to add one audio track.. 

The camera I am using is a Fugifilm FinePix E550.. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on software that will suit my needs but not break the bank 

I just use windows movie maker when doing things like this, but I don't think it enables you to write to DVD. 

Hve you looked at adobe premeiere elements? That may be useful. I've never tried it though, so it might be far too much for what you need.

Image Editing Software 

While acquiring the digital image is an essential component to the image workflow, it is only a small step to the completion of the overall product. In order to optimize the digital images acquired, it is often necessary to make some modifications to the images via image editing software. Image editing software allows the user to create and modify various images, including painting and drawing, color correction, photo enhancement, creating special effects, image conversion, and adding texts to images. 

PET is picture enlarging and enhancing software
by Quantidigital R&D PET is picture enlarging and enhancing software that helps you in making your pictures look better. PET is designed to help beginners feel like a pro. It has a full screen interface. 

Abacre Photo Editor  

(Free to try, $35 to buy - Windows) - Enhance and correct your scanned or digital photos with this photo editor.

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