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Picture It! Digital Image Pro 7 

Digital photo hobbyists finally have a high-quality photo retouching software alternative to Adobe Photoshop. With a user-friendly, streamlined interface, Microsoft Picture It Digital Pro 7 lets you easily apply filters for special effects, utilize sophisticated editing tools, create simple photo albums, and send e-cards of your photos through MSN.
Digital Image Pro 7 provides 3,000 photo projects, 150 filters, and 5,000 images for creating professional photo projects, such as business cards, photo albums, calendars, flyers, and postcards. Filters such as Antique, Black and White, Distort, and Watercolor add instant visual effects to photos. Easily add flash to a photo, remove red-eye, reduce backlighting, and adjust levels to control shadows, midtones, and highlights. Additionally, enhanced Adobe Photoshop plug-in filter support allows users to further enhance their digital photos. 

Elements 2  Photo editing software
I have Elements 2 and I saw the other day that Elements 3 had come out. (It may have been a long time ago but I just saw it). Is the Elements 3 a huge upgrade from 2? Anyone know what changes were made? I'd like to get it but it is a hundred bux and I'm not sure if it's worth it. Thanks.
Elements 3 came out quite a while ago -- maybe in January or so. I've used Elements 2, Elements 3, Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop CS, and now Photoshop CS2 as my primary program. I think for $70 Elements 3 was a very big upgrade from version 2, especially with the RAW image capabilities, the photo filters, and the healing brush.

Eye Candy 4000: image editing software
by Alien Skin Software Eye Candy is a set of 21 Photoshop- compatible filters. The filters produce effects called Antimatter, Carve, Chrome, Cutout, Drop Shadow, Fire, Fur, Glass, Glow, HSB Noise, Inner Bevel, Jiggle, Motion Trail, Outer Bevel, Perspective... More Shadow Smoke, Squint, Star, Swirl, Water Drops, and Weave. All the filters have zoomable and resizable previews with thumbnail navigation. This demo version will preview any of the effects, but only Antimatter and Drop Shadow can be applied to your images. Note: 3 of the 23 filters are fully functional: Glass, Marble and Shadowlab. 

PicMaster - image editing
Image Editing, Filtering, Digital Camera, WebCam, Slide Shows, Morphing, 3D Images, Video Capturing, Scanning, Catalog, Poster Printing and ... Thousands of Photoshop? compatible Filters from Internet includable. Over 300 Filters already included. 


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