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Adobe Premier 7: What's wrong ?

cently composited a VHS film, but problems occured. From my video recorder Scart socket through an adapter to S'vid (using red,white & yellow plugs,cable) to my capture card as format: 8000 kbits/sec, width - 720 X Height - 480, at a sample rate of 48 KHz. One saved in my videos folder, I imported it into Adobe Premier to edit, however the film looked choppy on play back.

I'm thinking that I may have composited it in the wrong capture format, YUV - I think it was. Should I immediately try & convert/composite, in a different file format, say mpeg2 or DV AVI? would this prevent the choppiness in play back?


I wonder if your system is fast enough to record at that quality. Post your system specs.

That's not NTSC standard, so when you go back to burn DVD, it'll probably need to re-encode. You're gonna go pull down to pull up to pull down, etc. Not ideal for max quality, but from VHS it shouldn't matter much anyway.


MS photo editor: Smudge part of an image

Smudge part of an image

The Smudge Brush smears or blends adjacent colors as the brush is dragged across the image.

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Smudge .

2. Drag the pointer over the area you want to smudge.


MS photo editor : menu

Image menu

Allows you to crop, resize, and rotate the image, as well as balance the brightness, contrast and gamma of the image. Each of these choices brings up it’s own menu.

Effects menu

Allows you a variety of options to alter the very look of your photo. You can sharpen or soften the image, go from a positive to a negative image, change the edges of the photo, give it a watercolor or embossed effect, and more. Many of the effects are also included as icons on the toolbar.

Window menu

Allows you to change the appearance of the MS Photo Editor work area. You can display the images as either Tiled or Cascaded.


Using Microsoft's Tools: Photo Editor

Photo Editor is the simplest of Microsoft's image editing products. It does not have a lot of the options available in more sophisticated image programs, like layering, color counting, automatic colorization, multiple levels of "Undo," or adding text. It will do simple format changes (see Formats), will alter color saturation and contrast, will resize/rotate/crop, and will do a dozen or so picture effects. If your goal is simply to control display size, change formats, or to do some simple effects, Photo Editor is up to the task.

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