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there are good softwares and or plugins (for photoshop cs2) photo editor
I don't have a fish eye lens, but was wondering if there are good softwares and or plugins (for photoshop cs2) out there, and if someone has used them. 
Thanks for the advice/info in advance.
Just be aware of one thing if you do it digitally: fisheye lenses (the real thing) have up to 180 degrees of coverage, and on the 8mm fisheyes it's 180 degrees in all directions. If you take a standard focal length lens, with its 50 degrees of coverage or so, you may emulate a fisheye effect but all it's accomplishing is distorting a narrow field of view. If the picture has any obvious reference points (like the walls of a room) the difference would probably be obvious.

Batch It! image editing software
Batch It! Pro (Free to try, $60 to buy - Windows) - Batch Upsizing and Downsizing of Images with and without keeping image dimension ratios.

ImgResizer Pro image editing software
by SunDevils Soft
ImgResizer Pro provide the function for user to resize, rotate, flip, add photo border, and special effect to the photo, picture for email, create thumbnail, or publish to the Web in batch mode.... More Apart from batch converting, user may also do the editing in a single file mode that may preview the final look immediately. It also supports multi-language. Version 1.5 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. 

Basic photo editing steps

Edit, retouch, remove red eye and organize your images
The photo editing software which came with your digital camera may be all you ever need. However, if you want to go beyond the basics, more advanced programs are available for editing and organizing photos. 

Some programs are solely for enhancing and editing digital images, though many include a browser menu for accessing and tagging photos. They offer powerful editing features and tools such as layer pallets, histograms and masks.

Photo organizing software helps you organize, categorize and archive images. These programs usually include basic photo editing tools, but they are not as robust as those found in dedicated image editing programs.

Before you run out an buy a photo editing program, check the CD that came with your camera, scanner or printer. Sometimes it includes full versions of an older, but capable, editing program. Previous versions of software may be available and purchased inexpensively at online auctions.

Whether a beginner or pro, or anything in between, there is a photo editing program to meet your needs. Some are free or moderately priced. Others cost hundreds of dollars.

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