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JPEG Imager is a simple and handy interactive JPEG image compressor
JPEG Imager (Free to Try, $20 to Buy, Windows) - is a simple and handy interactive JPEG image compressor. Its main function is to create optimized by size and quality jpeg files. JPEG Imager allows you to find an optimal ratio of image's visible quality and file size, which is the way to perfect satisfaction of any personal requirements.

Photo editing: change color
If you have a picture of something and want to change the color of it, but keep the shadows/hilights and/or glares or reflections off of it but change the color of it. I.E. A car, say its blue and I want it to be red, but I want to retain all the features.. How would you go about doing that?
by copying the background and using layer, you can make as many layer as you want, i suggest you go to your photoshop help function and search for a keyword "Layer" and it will show you how it works. sorry if i can't help you so much cuz it a long explanation, however photoshop itself will show you how it works and look for the tips.....

Right Click Image Converter 
Convert between image formats from the Windows shell. Supports JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICON, and several other file formats. Also can rotate/resize images. Right click on a file or a group of files in Windows, and select Convert to. As simple as that. 

Photosuite Platinum Edition :your all-in-one digital photo solution
PhotoSuite 4 Platinum is your all-in-one digital photo solution. Capture, organize, edit and share your digital photos! Sort them into electronic albums then tweak them to perfection with over 40 powerful editing tools. Remove red-eye and wrinkles...
Retail Product from Roxio

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