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Selecting pictures: New to photo editing

Hi, i am new to putting photos on to pc,

before i had adobe, i simply connect camera pics would go to :my pictures:thats fine.But since i got Adobe when i transfer to pc Adobe automatically starts up and imports,im having difficulties when i want to send a pic to someone even though i transferred Adobe to my pictures when i click adobe photosuite it will come up as i file instead of showing individual pics.so i cant select or preview individual pics.Any help appreciated thankyou.


Try this (FREE) program Picasa


It will collect your photos and put them into "My Pictures" and allow you to view and make slideshows. You can import direct from your camera or card reader.

Another is Irfanview (also FREE)


Both are highly regarded programs BUT they will not offer you the high standards of editing the Photshop will offer you.


ms photo editor Sharpen part of an image

The Sharpen Brush increases the difference between adjacent gray values as the brush is dragged across the image.

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Sharpen.

2. Drag the pointer over the area you want to sharpen.


ms photo editor Crop

Adjust the mat margins to create a mat around your photo.

Adjust the crop margins to cut out an undesirable element on your picture. You can crop by using the “Select?button on the toolbar. Click on the “Select?button, and draw a rectangle around the section of the image you wish to keep. After selecting the area, click on the “Image?menu and select Crop. Make your adjustments and click OK. (Note: to “undo?a change immediately after it is attempted, go to the Edit pull-down menu and select Undo.)

Adjust the corner style to fillet or ear and adjust the size to produce the desired effect.


ms photo editor Resizing/Cropping

Changing display size is not necessary if the image will be used in a Word, PowerPoint, or other productivity application - best to work in the image's original size, and then resize in the application in which the image is used. However, if the image will be used on the Web, it's best to size to fit: decide how large your image will be in your Web page, and size to fit using Photo Editor. Making images smaller using an image editor rather than resizing in FrontPage or other Web authoring software will greatly improve Web page download time. See Images under Images, Music, Movies, and the World Wide Web in Presentation. for a more complete discussion of file size and Web page construction.

Be careful if you resize - don't be deceived by the view size of the image in Photo Editor, since it may be zoomed (see left). Look at the "Resize" options - it will show you the size of the original picture in pixels or inches, and will allow you to resize by value or percent. The "Smooth" option attempts to fill in missing picture information smoothly when enlarging pictures - but don't expect miracles!

Cropping is most easily done by pre-selecting the area you want to keep using the selection tool , and then cropping from the "Image/Crop" menu. You can ignore all the presented settings and just click "OK." An oval crop is also given as an option

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