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Digital photo album: Which software?

Just wondering which program community uses to make

their digital photo albums.

I want to make digital photo albums to distribute on the

CD to my relatives and so I am looking for program which

meets following requirements:


Any photo editing software will enable you to put captions etc onto your photos.

2 programms come to mind for compiling albums with slideshows to include both still and video footage AND both are free -

1. Irfanview from

here http://www.irfanview.com/


2. Picasa from here -


Both will put your photos onto a CD and play them in any DVD player.

You can always copy a photo from the disk simply by opening and exploring the disk to find the shots you want to print.


To the best of my knowledge, Picasa doesn't allow to put captions on every picture. I have tried it (or otherwise I failed to find out this option)

IrfanView, I can make slideshow but same thing again, couldn't figure out to add captions and how to save that slideshow

I don't need to play on DVD player, because I believe, it may change the picture resolution or change it to some format from which extraction of original print would be difficult (otherwise Kodak photo CD is easiest option, like just copy Kodak Photo CD and replace the picture in picture folders with the one you want)


You misunderstood - I suggested photo editing software for captions: neither Irfanview nor Picasa will do this and they are too basic to be called editing software!!What both will do, however, is put a slideshow onto a CD for you - as, indeed, will your Kodak program!I presume you have a colour printer - then most come nowadays with a photo editing suite on the disk which will allow you to put captions on.

Playing photo CD's on a DVD player in no way changes/alters the file format nor the photos!!! A DVD player will accept CD's AND DVD's - but not the other way round!


ArcSoft DVD Slideshow is a great program. It allows you to create photo galleries with image titles, transitions, music, etc. You can also add videos to the disc as well. Each slideshow/video is accessible through a standard DVD menu that you create. You also have the option of including the original photos (the ones used in the slideshow are resampled if they are higher quality that would be displayed).

The one thing that *may* be an issue according to your requirements is that if playing on a computer, the computer must have DVD playing software. But, they will play with no problems on a set-top box.


ms photo editor Rotate

Rotate left rotates the image 90 degrees to the left.

Rotate right rotates the image 90 degrees to the right.

Transpose rotates the image 180 degrees to the right.

Invert flips the image from top to bottom.

Mirror flips the image from left to right.

By Degree rotates the image the number of degrees you enter and the direction that you indicate.


ms photo editor Picture Effects

Using effects can be fun, but since usually the intent of images is to display, effects usually get in the way. Use with caution! One very good use of effects, however, is to convey an idea without actually showing enough detail for folks to pick out faces. If you like a picture, but don't know if the students in it have signed their image permission form, use an effect!

Which effect is an esthetic decision. Several of the effects ("Chalk and Charcoal," "Graphic Pen," "Notepaper," "Stamp") produce black and white images - a striking effect with the added benefit of greatly-reduced file size.


MS Photo Editor in Office Beta 2007


All of a sudden, I notice that I cannot open any of my .jpg files, either by

clicking on them or attempting to open from MS Photo Editor. I've no idea

what has happened, but my pictures are all inaccessible to me. I get an error

message in MS Photo Editor that I cannot open the file. Any ideas? I was able

to open them since I downloaded the Beta version, just not now. Thanks for

anyone's help!

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