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Mac Photoshop :photo editing 
Im not so good with photoshop , any mac users out there that can help me with a feature , lens blur , trying to blur out the background, can anyone help me with some steps 
love this new filter. The main thing you got to worry about is extracting the foreground. Usually what i do is set up two layers. The top layer is what will be in focus and the bottom will be blurred out (of any layer that you want really. Apply the filter to the bottom layer. On the top layer, apply a layer mask and mask out what ever you want to be blurred.

Resizing photo in photo editor

The next steps you might need to practice include re-sizing an image which is too large to fit into the 300-pixel width of the Content Area of your website or the 100-pixel width of the Sidebar area. 
Depending on which program you are using, there will be a feature called "Image Size" or "Resize" or perhaps even "Resample." Look in the File menu and the Edit menu and the Image menu (if there is an image menu) for this feature. 
Resizing an image involves scaling it to fit proportionately into a smaller space. Images are made up of dots (pixels) which generally run 72 to the inch up to 95 to the inch (depending on screen resolution, monitor settings and monitor dot pitch size). 
A 300 pixel image is roughly 3 1/2 inches across. If you have an image which is 6 by 4 inches, you will need to scale it down to fit into the 300 pixel area. 
Web browsers can perform that scaling for images which they receive from web pages if the HTML instructions call for an image to be a certain width. The browser may do a decent job of scaling the image. It may do a terrible job of scaling the image. 
The reason you would want to scale the image yourself is to see the differences and approve of the differences. When you take an image which is 6 by 4 inches, that would be roughly 550 by 375 pixels and scale it down to 300 by 200 pixels, something has to give. 
Image resizing works by sampling the pixels throughout the image and where there are strong contrast or color differences, that distinction is preserved. Where there are subtle or soft color or contrast distinctions, those distinctions can be and generally are smudged. How much smudging and where these losses occur is one of the options you have with image editing software and the resize or image size feature. 
You will want to experiment with the feature a lot because it could make the difference in a photograph looking quite legible and in looking somewhat blurred. 

GIMP is an excellent, pixel-based, image manipulation and editing program
GIMP is an excellent, pixel-based, image manipulation and editing program. It's free and open source software. You can use it to edit photographs and other graphics. Or, you can create stunning graphics from scratch with it. 
Originally, GIMP was a Linux/UNIX program. However, it has been ported to the Microsoft Windows platform -- that effectively makes GIMP a cross-platform (XP) program.

Photo-Brush is a very powerfull yet very easy to use image editor

Photo-Brush is a very powerfull yet very easy to use image editor, with many professional features and, lot of retouching power and hours of fun. It is a great tool for owners of Digital Cameras, web page creators or graphic designers because of its capability to adjust, enhance or retouch any images with special and many new original tools.

The goal for PhotoBrush is to have quick loading editor with a lot of powerfull, high-quality and unique filters for whole image manipulation

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