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Enlarging Photos in photo editor

I am curious as to whether or not there is software readily availble that will take and enlarge a a current 1024x768 photo say five times the size so that it could be mounted on the wall. 

What kind of software does a photo lab use to increase photos to make them large enough to hang on walls without having it so pixelated its easily noticeable even from a distance? You know the ones you can submit a photo and they enlarge it for you... 


There are ways to successfully upsize images even taken with a low resolution cameras. I think 1024x768 would be really pushing it though. 
We're talking about less than 1 mp resolution. Firstable I would shoot at the highest resolution possible without interpolation. (Unless your camera's internal interpolation process is really effective.) 

Quick and easy way to possibly create an overlay image by image editor
I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to possibly create an overlay image and just add it over the top of a photo you want to watermark? 

It would be so much quicker than typing on text, changing the layer so its an overlay, flattening the image etc, and as I have about 1000 photos to do it would seriously speed it up a little. Is there any quick way to do this?

If your using photo shop...create an action and use the batch processing abilities. There are also stand alone watermark programs that do exactly what you want.

Photo resize by photo editor 

This may be a stupid question, im not sure. I dont really use any editing software so i need some help. I want to upload some photos to an online library, but my files are too small they need to be at least 1mb and 300dpi. Well my photos arent that big so is there any way i can make my photos bigger?? As i say this may be a real stupid question. 
Hi Becky, 
Here's a program that you can resize your shot in. You can set the DPI, and resize along with make other adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation and such. And it's free to make it even better: 
If you have to resize upward to meet your requirements, the shot may become grainy and you might want to run it through a Noise Reduction [url]Program too. Here's another free one that does a nice job: 

how do you all resize in photo editor
how do you all resize. I figure there are plenty of ways to do it in CS2. So what I am doing and please correct me if I am wrong. 

I have my image as a conveted TIFF. So all said and done I use Image Resize to bump it down to the proper size, then save it as a jpeg, lowering the quality until I get to around 150kb. I feel like there has to be a better way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Use the crop tool and type in the sizes and resolution you want. Double check it in Image Size. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you looking for but this is how I do my photos for webposting. I think 150 ppi is fine for web viewing and should get you within your kb limits. If I'm way off base, I apologize and hope someone else can help.

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