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The best editing software currently is adobe's Photoshop CS2 

if you are looking for a raw editor (ignoring the possibility of apple's new aperture (which looks incredible btw)) it would probably be Phase One's C1 Pro 

the the best editing software currently is adobe's Photoshop CS2 

are you looking for the best, or are you looking to get something good for it's price?

Between the two, I'd have to say Photoshop Elements. Photoshop is the choice image editor, and Elements has many of the same tools you'll find in Photoshop (CS2) for a fraction of the cost. If you are new, I'd recommend that, and if you really learn it and want more...CS2 (or whatever version is out by then) will be a welcome upgrade. 

does anybody know how to make a 35 full frame border ? 

like a border with sprocket holes and stuff? i see plenty of other ones very in depth and such, but not black... 

Here is a link to additional photo boarders. I have downloaded them, but not used them yet, but I plan to. 


Be sure to check out the examples to see if you are interested. 

color in pictures -PHOTO EDITOR

i have a regular colored picture but what i wanted to do was change most of it to greyscale, but have certain sections still in color. can someone help please 

Make a new layer of your color image. 
Desaturate the new layer. 
Erase the part of the desaturated layer where you want the color to show. 
Adjust the opacity a bit if you want to tweak how much color shows. 

I always work with multiple layers, in case I mess up and want to delete that particular layer and start over

Resize a couple of my images in photo editor

I need to resize a couple of my images to fit on a 20"x30" canvas. Can this be easliy done in photoshop? 

Use Resize>Image Size 
Then Put your dimensions in for height and width; then enter 200 for Pixels per inch (PPI/DPI). Click on "Bicubic" Arrow at the bottom right of the window, and select "Bicubic Smoother" from the drop down menu. 

You should do this in steps - i.e. go from 8X10 to 11X14, then resize from 11X14 to 16X20 etc. till you get your size for the poster. 

Note: If you are down sizing, use "Bicubic Sharper". 

Final step is to sharpen using the Unsharp Filter. When sharpening, it is usually best to sharpen the image using the Actual Pixels View (100%)

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