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Picassa is a great program for digital photos
This is a great program that makes managing hundreds of digital photos very simple and intuitive. As a power user I crave more advanced options and settings, and I have yet to find a program that does exactly what *I* want. But I never hesitate to recommend Picasa to friends and family. Especially now that Google has bought the company that makes Picasa and made it a FREE download!! Get yours at http://www.picasa.com/google/ and have fun :


What is the best photo software to get for digital photography

What is the best software to get for digital photography. I have been planning on buying a digital camera for quite some time now. And i just can't seem to find the best software for my money. I have heard a little about adobe and nikon...Though I am not really sure to which one is the best for the camera and editing. Could I get some help between the two of these? Experianced input would be the best? 
`Thank you`
Photoshop CS2, hands down the best image editing software for digital photography no matter what camera or medium you shoot

PhotoLine ,imaging software
PhotoLine 32, imaging software, layout program, vector editor, batch converter and web editor with many functions. It supports many picture formats, multiple undo, plugin filters, dynamic effects, poster and label printing.

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What is the best photo software to get for digital photography

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