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Photoshop 8 photo editor
Anybody heard anything about this? 
has version 8 been released? 
What are the new features? 
It's called CS, not 8, and it's been out for a few weeks now. 
The file browser has been improved a lot. Also, the Camera Raw plug-in is now built in. They added a Shadows/Highlights command that has saved a couple pictures for me already, that I would have deleted otherwise. It now supports putting text on paths or in shapes. 

You can see the list of improvements on Adobe's site here: 


GIMP  free good photo editor

After this I real do believe the GIMP can do everything PS can do, whats more its free.

was playing with the stone cirle image I took the other week.

Levels adjusted 

Clone and tidy 

Colour Levels 

I am ditching photoshop after this, as the gimp can do everything I need. well happy.

Synthetik Studio Artist won't replace a standard photo editor
Studio Artist won't replace a standard photo editor like one of the products above, but for those who are willing to spend some time with it, it can be a fascinating and compelling companion product for creative professionals and experimental photography enthusiasts. This award-winning "graphics synthesizer" is both highly complex and extraordinarily unique.

Shine Some Light in the Darkness
Is your photo too dark? A slight underexposure can ruin an otherwise great photo, so punch up the brightness a bit to give it some life. Try your image editor's gamma control--a tool that's designed to brighten the darkest parts of the picture without "overexposing" the parts that are already bright. If your image editor offers gamma control, you'll usually find the feature in menus like Colors or Image. Some programs, such as Microsoft Photo Editor, let you access the tool (Image Balance) from the toolbar.

In Paint Shop Pro, choose Colors, Adjust, Gamma Correction. You can raise the gamma as high as 1.3 or 1.4 in many pictures before the scene gets too washed out. But whatever level you choose, be sure to keep an eye on the evolving picture as you experiment with each setting


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