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Picasa, wonderful photo editor
I have been operating Picasa for three or four years and upgraded the program once.... which had some aggravating problems. But, nonetheless, I have purchased two other photo organizing software programs (Picture It and Photo Explosion) and I find Picasa still is above the rest in picture display and organization. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a photo organization program. The merry-go-round display of your pictures and the ability to just run the slideshow w/music and enjoy them full screen can't be beat. 
Their photo editing ability is a little on the weak side and I tend to use other programs for that as I do a lot of electronic scrapbooking. But if you want easy ability to download your photos into a computer and be able to go back and enjoy them - email them, etc. I would vote for this product any day!

Photo editing: work in B&W

I really want to work in b&w. It is what I always preferred in film. Now that I am almost exclusively digital I want to get back into grayscale. 

The only tools I currently have are PS Elements 3, Nikon Capture and Macromedia Fireworks. None of these seem to have the equivalent tools found in the full Photoshop, which, at this point, I cannot afford. 

Any other options that give really good control for B&W? 
See the sticky at the top, "Black and White Conversions". Also go to the second page and find my post. It lists some ways to get the BW you want using Elements. I highly recommend getting the free Virtural Photographer plugin mentioned. You'll be in BW heaven!! 

IvanView image viewing and editing
by IvanView.com IvanView 1.2.15 is capable of viewing more than 70 image formats and has conversion capabilities in 20 of the most popular formats. Its interface can be adjusted with great flexibility to accommodate both beginners and professionals.... More You will never again forget when or where you snapped a photo when you take advantage of a new option allowing you to add comments to any type of image. The handy slide-show function will allow you to display your images with a customizable delay between them. The built-in editor will make the editing of images quick and convenient; giving the photos a polished look is a breeze.

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