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Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite
Does anyone here use Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite? We received a copy for a wedding gift - and it works ok, but seeing some of the work people can do with Photoshop I get jealous. Just curious is anyone else is using this program.

yep. i have used it for about a year, but have just shifted using PS. It is a great editing software as a starter, however PS offers a lot more. 

I still have MS Digital Image Suite, and used its Photostory to create slide shows. 

FotoBalloon is a user-friendly image editor 
FotoBalloon is a user-friendly image editor that lets you add floating annotations to your pictures. Captions, notes, and comments are inserted in the form of info-balloons, without degradation of the quality of the original image and without any ...
Demo from eSoft Imaging

Photoshop, the best photo editor

Mixed-media professionals such as photographers, Web designers, and graphic designers will not be disappointed in Adobe's latest incarnation of Photoshop. In this release, Adobe aims hard at addressing the issues of file management, easy photo retouching, and smarter output for the Web. While Adobe manages to successfully address these issues, it also remains true to its photo editing roots. New and improved features and tools such as a painting option and an enhanced brush palette allow Photoshop to build on its reputation as the leading tool for image manipulators. New-school designers of wireless applications will smile when they discover that Photoshop 7.0 offers support for WBMP-formatted graphics. 
Photoshop 7.0's new file management system comes in the form of a Windows Explorer-like file browser that allows users to easily sort and locate their images within various projects. Users can now organize projects by name, date, resolution, and a number of additional parameters.

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