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software to help sort good photos from 1000+ shots 
I think I have seen some software to do this - I want to view images (thumbnail size, ideally) and mark good ones that I want to separate out. I thought one of the batch editing software products could do this. Even if all I did was mark an image for a rename or move, this would help a great deal. Any suggestions on how to quickly process a large amount of images to down to a more managable number is appreciated. 
Here are a few suggestions: 


1) Exifer (http://www.friedemann-schmidt.com/software/exifer/) nifty and allows you generally organize you pictures. Unfortunately it does not support RAW. 

2) http://www.irfanview.com/ it has a pretty quick and easy organizer built into it (also it supports some RAW formats). 

1) Adobe Photoshop elements .. Includes the album program and supports RAW. Good is it allows really complex tagging of the files for multiple organization. 

2) Breeze browser ... I know people that swear by it and it does have pretty good features. 

I use Elements (it handles my 50,000 pictures + 200,000 clip art without problems). 

But I need the tagging features to keep the stuff organized.

Photo editing with RAW+JPEG

Right now I am shooting in RAW+JPEG (lowest quality) but as you can guess this takes up a lot of space. I have a one gig card, but I need to take 100 pictures for my next project. I would just shoot in JPEG, but RAW is really good when you go through 10 pictures with a few of them are really good but you have the whitebalance set to something funky. Saved my butt last project so I want to keep shooting in it. 

Off topic, back to it. Is there a batch process where it just opens a folder and saves it as a low level JPEG without me saving it? When Windows supports olympus RAW, I can get rid of these "thumbnail" jpeg's.

Try "IrfanView" it will batch resize, you have to open the folder to be processed and set the "save to" folder then enter your size and compression parameters and it does the rest. 

Photo editor under linux
i have been using Linux for the past three years and due to the various Linux distributions out there ,i tried my hand at each one of them as they came out and finally gone for mandriva Linux and pcLinuxos for rpm based distributions and Ubuntu for debian based distributions , and for the past three years ,i have been installing one or other distributions at my system and gained only little knowledge about Linux ,

so i have decided it is high time that i should have a deep knowledge of Linux and the software in it ,so i started at lxer.com with whom i have been
a member for past one year ,

1) i want to learn a image-editing software in Linux

2)i don't have any knowledge of any image -editing software (including adobe-photoshop)

3)many people say gimp is a powerful image -editing application and hard to learn ,is this true

4) so the people at lxer.com will help me to learn an easy image-editing application ,which as good tutorials and documentation and forum support etc?

5)thanks for your suggestions and replies

Yes, by using The Gimp, you will soon evolve to blender and some of the other vector rendering programs in Linux. Linux is filthy rich with the programs you seek...we just do things a bit differently here in the Land of Linux. From the "I-can-hardly-wait" section, Xara is in the process of porting their fine windows program to Linux...it will be a while before its ready but it is something to really look forward to.

Digital Photo Editing forum
Digital Photo Editing forum? clip this post email this post what is this?
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Posted by iowagirl2006 (My Page) on Tue, May 30, 06 at 12:19

I think there would be a great deal of interest in a photo editing forum - maybe this could even be an offshoot of the Photography forum? 
Hi Iowagirl2006, 
I think you'll be able to find help and information about photo editing in the Graphics and Scanning Forum.

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