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Resizing a photo in image editor
I was just wondering what do you think about Genuine Fractals for resizing a photo. Some people thinks that CS2 with it's bicubic engine is better. I want to hear from you. 
Thanks in advance.
I've heard the newest one from Fred Miranda is even better than Genuine Fractals. Most people prefer GF over CS2, though I've never had problems in CS2. 

With RAW images I often interpolate up right from the RAW image -- I have a 6.3 megapixel camera, but I interpolate up to ~11 megapixels in the RAW converter, and I've been really happy with the results.

Color It!
Color It! (Free to try, $50 to buy - Mac) - 4.0 contains everything needed in one simple, easy-to-use program. Color It! is an award-winning, fully-featured image editing program that opens a wide variety of file formats, offers 16 levels of undo, and supports pressure-sensitive tablets and Photoshop-compatible plug-ins for scanners and filters.

ImageDiff is a pixel by pixel image difference (image diffing) and comparison tool

ImageDiff is a pixel by pixel image difference (image diffing) and comparison tool. ImageDiff allows you to compare two images side by side, and see a difference mask showing you the exact pixels... More that have changed. ImageDiff Features include: Compare images of different formats, including JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF, PNG. Compare images of different proportions, ImageDiff will scale and calculate the difference automatically. Apply colored filters to see the degree of change between the images. See metrics indicating percent of pixel change and percent of color change. Use a tolerance to eliminate compression noise and artifacts. Overlay the original unchanged pixels to see exactly where change occurred. 

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