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 foto editor instead of Photoshop? 

damn site cheaper than P.S. -- less memory hungry and quite easy to use. its actually designed for use by photographers and has less of a graphics component than P.S. 
I'm just evaluating a trial version but having used Photoshop (LE and Elements) for some time now I'm finding it rather difficult. I like the large clean uncluttered window and I understand it will carry out all it's processes at 16-bit level, which is something Photoshop won't do as yet. I doubt the 30 day trial period will give me enough time to make a decision but I shall stick with it until then

it was possible to crop two images automatically by comparing them pixel by pixel?

Here I am in distress and desperately need help! 

Ok, here is the situation. I have a series of images taken by a movie cam, I have each frame in digital format. Say the images are named as img1, img2, img 3 and so on. I need a software that would compare im g1 and img2 to the size of pixel, make the img2 pixel transparent if it has the same color configuration as the pixcel as img1 (from the same coordinate) and then save img2 as png or crop the transparent portion of img2. Similarly, img3 will then be compared with the original img2... and so on and so forth it will save all the cropped images in another folder with a series name.

I remember using such a software in the past, but do not remember the name. Can anyone tell me the name of the software? 

Someone know free software by drawing borders. 
Regards from Lima , Peru 
RE:Don't know if you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux. If Windows or Mac, try searching on Versiontracker.com. If on Linux, get the gimp. It's been awhile since I used it, but it is pretty awesome. Back to Win and Mac, if you want to spend a reasonable amount (around $80 us), pick up a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. In fact, you can download the trial if you have high speed connection. There are some 3rd party add on's for borders and matting. Do a search for snap actions. Hope this helps. --t.

AutoPano Pro 

I've now purchased this (Commercial product using autostitch algorithms) and have re-done some of my old panos. Look here if you would.
Silky, definitely a different animal to autostitch as it does colour correction and has a levels control, crop and alignment tools etc. If the exposure is out in one or two shots you can specify a key shot and others will be adjusted to blend in. It is easy to use - point it at a directory with your days shots and it groups them (based on time/exif) and produces previews of as many panos as you shot.

Some 'pros' have said they prefer a more hands-on approach (read hours of matching points by hand and blending of layers) but pushing a button suits me. Mind you I have learnt a lot using the more manual PTAssembler prog.

Is it worth 100 euro? not to everybody and autostitch is fantastic for the money but pano/mosaic photos is my key interest area after family shots.

The demo is free and comes with about 16 Mb of sample photos so you can play to your heart's content. The output is watermarked but is still full quality. If you don't want samples it is a 4.4 Mb download.

The developers (French) are a 2-man team so documentation is still sparse but there are some tutorials on the Wikipedia site (link from APP) or here.

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