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ACDSEE photo editor :Is this a stand alone program?

I have received an e-mail advising the release in july of a new acdsee photo editor,

Is this a stand alone program or will it be a plugin to my acdsee 8.1 ?

Should we expect a lot of new features ? (the examples quoted also states only the tip of the iceberg)


The ACDSee team is really excited about the upcoming release of ACDSee Photo Editor. ACDSee Photo Editor is a stand alone program and it will also work seamlessly with your ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager. You will be able to access Photo Editor from the menus within ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager.

You can definitely expect a lot of new features! Some were outlined in the e-mail and the rest will be announced when it is released soon. Keep your eye on our homepage at www.acdsee.com.


Microsoft Photo Editor Download?

Does anyone know if I can download Microsoft Photo Editor from anywhere? I just want the old program as it was not included with my new PC.


Microsoft Photo Editor is part of Office 2000 and Office XP. It was replaced in Office 2003 with Microsoft Picture Manager.

This is a big deal to some of us. Picture Manager does not provide OLE conversion service as did Photo Editor. So, if you include a JPG in an OLE Object field in Access 2003, hard cheese! It will not automatically convert to a BMP.


MS PHOTO EDITOR: Open an existing image

Open an existing image

1. On the Standard toolbar, click Open.

2. In the Look in box, open the folder that contains the image.

For Help on opening a folder, click the question mark button and then click the Look In box.

3. In the list of files, select the image.

4. Click Open.


Microsoft remove Photo Editor without my permission?

I too found it annoying to have Microsoft remove Photo Editor without my permission. I installed Office 2003 and it was gone. So, I Installed the old Office 2000 again, (did not have or need Office XP), but in c:\Program Files\PhotoEditor, NOT in Program Files\Microsoft Office, and with a CUSTOM INSTALL, X'ing out all but Photo Editor. It seems to work fine with no interference with Office 2003. Photo Editor became the default viewer for JPG files and GIFs.

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