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Digital photo printing software - PhotoCool

Digital photo printing software - PhotoCool - This program allows you to print in 4x6 , 5x7 and 8x10,etc. . You can print multiple photos on ones page. You can make print sheets, photo albums, passport,mini ID cards,CD covers and contact sheets. You can retrieve photos directly from any digital camera,scanners or disk. Operations can be performed by drag-and-drop, and arrange images by thumbnails ,by size or manual mode.

view the full size image in image editor

how can I view the full size image without the squares... since this is obviously possible because window's XP thumbnailed version doesn't include these squares. 

Haha, there was some story a couple of years ago about some semi-celebrity female host of some tech / computer TV show. I think she had a blog or something, and posted a picture of just her face smoking a cigarette, but photoshop had left a thumbnail of the whole uncropped image in the photo. It was her sitting on a chair fully nude, and all the IT TV nerds had wet dreams after they found it. I suspect it was a publicity stunt. 

Here, found it: 


Warning, images of human mammary glands. Those things produce milk, you know. Clearly not for children to accidentally look at. 

But to answer your question, the thumbnail isn't the same as the whole original image. You won't be able to remove the black squares and see the boobies or the original text of the top secret document or whatever it is you're interested in seeing.

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 
by Microsoft Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 including Digital Image Pro and Digital Image Library offers one integrated complete solution for all of your digital imaging needs. Digital Image Suite is packed with all of the tools you need to... More organize your photos, edit them using wide variety of easy-to-use tools, create hundreds of one-of-a-kind projects, print and share your work, and archive photos for safekeeping.Digital Image Suite includes all of the photo organization and archival power of Digital Image Library and all of the photo-editing power of Digital Image Pro. Digital Image Suite offers a complete photo system for finding, archiving, editing, and sharing photos. Smart tools make it easy to manage your memories. 

Will Photoshop 10 be worth the wait?
Will Photoshop 10 be worth the wait? Without a doubt! The File Browser, Healing Brush, and Web Gallery make this upgrade well worth the price, but there's more. You also get the new Paint Engine, Security features, Spell Checker and customized workspaces! Adobe has outdone themselves with this latest version of Photoshop.

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