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ms photo editor: Printing an Image
If you don't need to change the printer settings, click the Print button on the Standard toolbar. 

If you need to change the printer settings, click Print on the File menu, and then do any of the following: 

? To center the image on the page, click Center. 
? To set a fixed position, type a measurement or click the arrows to change the measurement in the Top and Left boxes under Position. 
? To set a fixed size for the printed image, type a measurement or click the arrows to change the measurement in the Width and Height boxes under Size. 
? To automatically resize the image to fill the page, click to select the Fit To Page check box. 
? To resize the image disproportionately, click to select the Allow Distortion check box. 

free photo album creator : photo editing

will someone advise is there any free software for creating photoalbum with transition effects.
picasa can create galleries, it's made by google...

easy gallery generator (EGG) can to....

but i don't think either of them can do transitional effects.

Tutorials for working in RAW? Photo editing
Anyone have any good tutorials for working in RAW? I've just started using the format, and besides playing around with the different sliders, I'm not sure I'm making the most of the format. Maybe something such as a workflow would be helpful. Also, should I do sharpening in Camera RAW or in Photoshop? What about curves? What about noise reduction? 

Any tips you can give would be helpful, I'm pretty much just feeling my way around in Camera RAW right now.Ął
Bruce Frasier's book 'Real World Camera RAW' is probably a must have book when starting to navigate around ACR. As far as sharpening goes, you are better off doing that with either Photoshop (Smart Sharpen or any one of the plethora of sharpening plugins) or a stand alone sharpening program. Make sure to set ACR to apply sharpening to the preview only. 

Curves can be done in ACR and there seems to be two schools of thought on the matter. One contends that as much as possible should be done in ACR prior to passing the shot off to PS. The other suggests only doing initial curves tuning in ACR and doing the fine work in PS. 

As far as noise reduction, that is more a matter of personal preference. I'll do chroma noise reduction (if necessary) in ACR and then pass things on to Noise Ninja (if necessary) or the noise reduction program of your choice for luminance noise. My experience has been that nothing 

Photoshop CS, how to use this photo editor for RAW files
I downloaded the trail version of Photoshop CS to start learning while I get the money to buy it together. So I'm looking forward to playing around with my RAW photos shot with my Konica Minolta 5D. 

The extention for the RAW files are MRW I think it's supposed to be Minolta RaW anyhow I can't open any of the files. I keep getting "file unknown" error msgs. I don't have any problem opening them with the Minolta DiMAGE software that came with the camera and I have no problems opening JPEG's with PhotoShop. 

I'd like to be able to open the CameraRAW files with PhotoShop and I've searched the Internet high and low looking for any info and I've found a number of plugins for CameraRAW supporting Cannon and Nikon but nothing for Minolta. Am I really screwed? Any help would be greatly apperciated. 
Go to the Adobe site and download the latest version of the ACR (adobe camera raw) plug-in. The version you have was probably released before the 5d.

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