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PS & Photo information and copyright batch option? 
Can anyone tell if there is a way to apply your name and copyright information to every photo in your ps browser or everytime you save a photo you have worked on? I've looked in my books and the ps help section and cannot find the answer. Thanks! 
I think i'd just paste a bitmap of your information when you are ready to save your file. Like Phil does with his pictures on his dpreview.com site. 
It's a pity there isn't a script you could use to do this in batch mode! 

Repairing jpegs by photo editor

I had a serious drive error a few months ago, and lost some files.

I managed to rescue most of my digital photos, but some cannot be displayed.
I am given some type of "header error" (I can't remember the exact wording).

Is there anything that could be done to retrieve these photos, or are they gone forever?

That sounds like the file header has been corrupted or deleted, which is what happens when windows "deletes" files. It doesn't actually delete them but ensures the file system can't see them. If that's what's happened you can try one of several free/shareware utilities that are available here.

 Corel Painter  is more of an artistic tool than a photo editor
As its name implies, Painter is more of an artistic tool than a photo editor. It certainly has the most sophisticated and diverse selection of natural media painting tools than any other product in this category. But it's also well equipped with photo-enhancement functions, Web graphics capabilities, automation features, and a selection of nontraditional tools. An essential digital artists' tool

Straighten the Picture by photo editing software
In the rush to take a photo, we don't always get the camera perfectly level--and that adds up to photos in which the horizon is slightly askew, as if you had shot the pictures from a sailboat. Fear not. Crooked digital photos are nearly as easy to straighten as picture frames hanging on your wall. (And they're more likely to stay straight after you fix them, too.) 

All you need is an image editor that lets you rotate pictures a degree at a time, and most programs have this feature hidden somewhere in the Edit or Image menus. Look for an option to rotate the picture and enter a very small value, like one degree to the left or right (depending upon which way you need to adjust the photo). 

In Paint Shop Pro, click Image, Rotate and check the radio button beside Free. Then enter your small value. If that doesn't fix the problem, undo your edit (choose Edit, Undo) and try again with a different number. You can rotate your photo by fractions of a degree, like 0.7 or 1.4 or 2.5. When you experiment, always undo your last rotation and try again from the original version; if you pile rotations on top of rotations, you can create noticeable "glitches" or blurriness in your photo.


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