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PhotoStudio 5 is the perfect photo editor
PhotoStudio? 5 (Free to Try, $50 to Buy, Windows) - is the perfect photo editor for both beginners and enthusiasts. It boasts the high-end features needed to perform sophisticated image manipulation procedures and presents itself with a user interface that is simple, intuitive and completely customizable.

SET color in Photoshop : photo editing
The thing is, after I imported the files to my PC, I tried to open the pics with the canon bundle software and PS, and found out that he pictures in PS would always look darker, not as bright, not as sharp as I would see it in th bundle software. 

And I found out that in windows pic viewer, ACDsee, and everything else give me a bright pic. Only PS gives me dark pic. 

I guess there must be something wrong with my colour setting in PS, can anyone help me on that. 

Both my camera and PS have set to use sRGB.
Hi, I would guess (but cannot verify that, because of the lack of ACDsee), that Photoshop uses the image profile, embedded byy the camera, whereas the other more amateurish apps ignore the profile and in addition use a higher Gamma, to brighten the image and provide higher contrast for monitor view. Probably you cannot change the monitor gamma for each app, so I would rely on Photoshop. (Sorry, thi might be possible with Windows, buzt I don't know, using only Macs...) How about printing one unaltered image and compare it with the views you get by each app? Also in Photoshop, you could than adjust the monitor Gamma settings to come closer to your print. 

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 [Old Version] 
Not much difference between version 8 and version 7. Version 7 was a leap forward from 6, but don't expect any such change between 7 and 8. If you don't own Paint Shop Pro 7, then go ahead and buy 8. If you already have 7, stick with it...there is almost no difference between what you already own and version 8. (I suspect some of the reviews on this and other products are by people associated with the companies that make them). PSP is a very good photo/paint program and a lot faster to use than the more well known (and incomprehensibly expensive) Adobe Photoshop. PSP has lots of ways to edit just about every aspect of an image (lots of ways you probably never knew about) and the features can be combined many, many ways so that even after using it for years you can still find new effects through experimentation. Best buy for the money, but again, if you already own 7, you pretty much already own most of 8. If you own any version earlier than 7, or if you don't own PSP at all, then by all means I would suggest PSP 8 over the competition

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