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Photo editing software problem

I am currently working on a print (not yet saved, I know, I know - stooopid) and have spent quite a bit of time on it. I made a curves layer adjustment and walked away from my pc, to my knowledge without touching or hitting anything. 

Well, when I got back, my cursor had changed to the eyedropper tool (I think it was on the clone stamp when I walked away) and now nothing works. Whatever I click, it just makes a "gonk" sound. i tried clicking on different layers, tools, images etc. - nothing. I've got four 17MB images open, but with a fast pc and 1 Gig of RAM this has never been a problem. I wanted them open to toggle back and forth for color comparison. The only thing still happening is that I can change the foreground color by clicking around, so the program doesn't seem completely frozen up. I can also go to "file" "edit" etc., the drop-down menus appear but almost all options are greyed out. Keyboard shortcuts also don't work. Strangely the curves adjustment, although evidently applied, does not show in the history palette. Opening and running other programs works fine and at normal speed. Bringing up the task manager shows Photoshop as "running". This is version 7.0 by the way. 

I really really don't want to start over again - does anyone have an idea what might have happened here? Is there any way my file can be saved? 
Thrashing is actually excessive disk activity rather than memory lock up. Your comment about memory use is probably correct, but is generally known as memory leakage. 
Basically, the application doesn't release memory properly so over time 'uses' more and more until a point arrives where not enough resources are left available for the system to do anything.

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