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Bug in Photo Editor? 

I just noticed that HTML tags do not work in the "Free Textual Info" box in the Photo Editor. I wanted to add a link into this section but the tags don't display the link. The tags work fine in the "Retouch" box though, so I know the syntax is right, but I want this text to be below all of the EXIF data.

Also, not a big deal, but in the main gallery page where it lists the exhibitions, would it be possible to include the word "and" before the last country name underneath the title of the exhibition. For example, mine says "Photos from Mexico, Canada" which makes it look like they were from a state or city called Mexico in Canada, ranter that "Photos from Mexico, and Canada" which would make things more clear. Here's my URL to see what I mean if it's not clear: http://www.morpheusmultimedia.com/gallery/

very new to adobe: photo editing help
Hi, I am very new to adobe. I was wondering if anyone knew of what book would be best to help me to learn to use this software? Any suggestions at all. 
It really depends on how familiar you are with the program. There are so many books out on PS and PS Elements that it's hard to say because each covers different things. I'd recommend spending some time at the bookstore flipping through the different book on PS Elements. When you find one you like, you've hit gold.

See RAW images in Windows: use which photo editor?

Some time ago I remember reading here that it is now possible to see RAW images in Windows when browsing using a plug-in. I did download and install a plug-in which is supposed to enable me to see my Canon 350D images (CR2) but it hasn't worked. Can anybody enlighten me please? Do I have to tweak Windows XP somehow?
well manx i d/l the new windows fax viewer for raw photos too and it doesnt work but thats windows for you.

Photoshop Elements users forums for image editing

Please look at this thread in the Photoshop Elements users forums. I have run some tests showing that cropping using the Crop tool with dimensions preset (e.g. 4x6) can result in loss of image quality if not done correctly. This does not happen with the Crop tool without dimensions selected, or when using the Marquee tool, even if you then enlarge the photo to a larger size using Image Resize and with "resampling" turned on. This may sound a bit technical but it is definitely worth knowing - it explained to me why a number of my more heavily cropped photos that I have posted (e.g. some of the bugs) are not of good quality. Please read the thread and then you'll see what I'm talking about: 


If you want to keep the same image denisity when cropping using the Crop tool, make sure the options for the tool are set to the image density you want to have or keep (e.g., 300 ppi).

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