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Photoshop, watercolor technic photo editing 

I am looking for tutorials, lessons about using watercolor technic in the PS. 
Can anyone share links 

Try http://myjanee.home.insightbb.com/tutorials.htm 

Rotate the Picture in photo editor
Cameras don't take square pictures; they take rectangular ones. To frame a scene that's taller than it is wide, you probably turned the camera on its side before you snapped the shutter release. That's great, but don't send those sideways pictures to your friends. Turn them right side up first. 

You can rotate your sideways pictures in almost any image-editing program. In Paint Shop Pro, open the picture and choose Image, Rotate and turn it to the left or the right by an even 90 degrees. If you have Windows Me or Windows XP, it's even easier. Just double-click a picture to open it in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Then click the Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counterclockwise buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Crop Away the Background in photo editor
In your mind's eye, the picture may have been a shot of your nephew's birthday cake. But now that you see it on your PC, you realize that you didn't zoom in very far--so you've taken a picture of half the room as well. Use your image editor's cropping tool to cut away the unwanted part of the picture and isolate just the meat of the scene. 

In most image editors, the cropping tool lives in the tool palette and looks like a picture frame. Click the cropping icon and, as you hold your cursor down at a starting point, use the tool to draw a rectangle inside the picture. Arrange the crop mark to re-compose your photo and discard the unwanted background. To do this in Paint Shop Pro, draw your rectangle, then click the Crop Image button in the Tool Option box that floats around on the screen. 


Amazing Photo Editor V5.7 
Amazing Photo Editor is powerful and easy to use image processing software used for image processing,viewing and converting. 33 amazing effect are available!

1. Amazing Photo Editor is easy and photo editing software and image processing software. You can edit unlimited photos at the same time. Besides,Amazing Photo Editor has much ability to process photos,such as resize,rotate,mirror and so on.Amazing Photo Editor has 33 effect filters(Bleed,Blur,Bump,Curl and so on),10 effects(Noise,Balance and so on) and 4 photo

Full Size 
optimization (Auto Smooth,Gussian and so on) that make photos pretty and suitable. 
2. Amazing Photo Editor is not only graphic designer image processing software but also photo editing software. It reads 53 image formats and write to 27. Amazing Photo Editor has batch conversion that converts a mass of photos at a time.

3. Easy Gif Animation contained in Amazing Photo Editor helps you to create gif animation with photos. You can use it to edit gif animation and every frame. Besides,it is avi and gif animation converter can convert avi animation to gif animation and convert gif animation back.

4. Skin is used in Amazing Photo Editor to make interface friendly and nice. (More skins)

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