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photo editor: Image Enhance
Image Enhance (Free - Windows)- You can digitally enhance your images by applying different filters and effects, like sharpness, contrast, grayscale, invert, logaritmize, find edges, old photo and more. You can also design your own filters. 

Create shadows like these in PSCS2
I have lately seen an incredible collage of three childre playing tennis. What i really liked about it was that the subjects, the children playing tennis, popped out at you because they had a realistic looking shadow behind them. It wasn't a drop shadow, but a shadow that you would see of yourself when the sun is at your back. 

Does any body know how to create shadows like these in PSCS2? Does it require a plug in? If anybody has any answers they would be greatly appreciated. 

Also, if you don't understand any of my questions, please ask me to clarify or to rephrase. 
But, just off the top of my head... 
Get your lasso out and cut out a copy of, say, a person. Stretch the copy out to where you want the shadow. Darken the layer until it's solid black (and transparent). Gaussian blur it a tiny bit and make it near transparent. Erase the parts that you want to appear "behind" the person. 
You may also have to rotate etc to get it in the right position. 
It'd probably take a bit of practice to get right. But even then, (again) like ^ said, it would really stand out, as it wouldn't match the lighting in the rest of the photo.

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