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Photoshop Elements Plugins. 
I'm a newbie to Photoshop (Elements 3.0), and am just starting to get used to its interface and actually enjoying the fun you can have with it. I stumbled across http://www.optikvervelabs.com/default.asp in forum http://forum.pbase.com/viewtopic.php?t=17901 - a thank you to the various posters. 

Can anyone recommend any goods site to get other plugins - they seem somewhat dotted around 

Here's a link for starters: 


Sorry, you said plugins, I thought of actions. And those actions found behind the link above might not work with Elements as such.
I really do appreciate if you could leave a comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. 

Cheers, Jorma 

You'll never get out of this life alive. 

Which software would be better to get for photo editing

I am new to advanced photography. I have ordered a new nikon d200. And I am wondering which software would be better to get, The nikon capture 4 or photoshops elements. Or another brand? And will the nikon software work on pictures I have already taken with another camera? 

A lot of people here use either Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements. I cant say about Nikon Capture 4 as I only breifly used the trial version and having used PS for years I went back to PS as I know how to use it. Elements is virtually the same as PS and is cheaper - Im not sure what the differences are though. 

Im sure someone else can help with this. 

Help automating watermark in PS CS2? photo editor

I need to add a watermark on some photos being sold for a website they need to be uniform and professional and I am running out of time. I created a text layer with a layer style on the text so it looks chisels into image but I cannot figure out how to save just the text with the layer style so I can add it to multiple images quickly? Is there a way to save just the selected text with the layer stle options that I can import on top of an image before I save for web? Exporting saves the background (useless for images of different resolutions or different orientations?) I am not ready to purchase digital WM yet. Digimark talks about using a transparent BMP file but I want more integration into photo... blending options? Thanks I need this done quick.
Chris, there is an artcile in one of the UK photo mags this month that tells you how to do it. If I remember I will have a looksie when I get home. I think it was Practical Photography if anyone else on here has a copy handy... Hoodi? Steve?

How to do a graduated filter simulation in Photoshop 7? 
Does anyone know how to simulate a graduated filter effect in Adobe Photoshop 7?. There's a thread showing how to do it in PSP here. It looks very funky and I would prefer to do it post processing to try different tints rather than carry another filter around to add to my growing collection.
If so then what I did is -

1 Open image and select the sky using lasso. Iused the magnetic lasso for speed.

2 Open the gradient tool in the Tools.

3 In the gradient toolbar, selct type of gradient, background and foreground colours, mode and opacity.

4 Jobs done. As you can see, how you select the sky depends on the horizon - in my case the trees don't help.

HTH and PS - thanks for your way Silkstone.

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