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ACDSEE photo editor reinstall question?


I installed Photo Editor 4.0 (118) and everything worked fine (this is not a trial, but a purchased copy). I had to reinstall Foto-Slate 4.* and ever since the panels for the How-To's, Image Adjustments and Objests are blank. Support had me uninstall and then reinstall but that didn't work. Any suggestions?


Note when uninstalling Photo Editor, you should also remove the preferences files located here:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\ACD Systems\ACDSeePhotoEditor


Microsoft Photo Editorlow-budget image editing software

Perhaps the ultra low-budget imaging application is Photo Editor, which ships with Microsoft Office XP. This bare-bones software program provides a simple interface to the essential imaging tasks all teachers should know, including:

1) how to scan an image

2) how to crop an image

3) how to resize an image

4) how to color balance an image

5) how to export an image in web-compatible format


Using Microsoft Photo Editor to manipulate images for the web (1) Inserting an image

From the toolbar select Insert then from the drop down menu select Picture from next menu select From File and browse for the image you want to include. Click on the file name and select the OK button this will insert the image onto the page.

If an image is too big it takes too long to download into a page. There are a number of options open to reducing image files for the web. Hantsweb guidelines for image sizes are that total images on a single web page should not exceed 30KB (excluding Hantsweb corporate images such as logos and navigational icons.)


Best free photo editor?

Does anybody have any knowledge as to what would be the best free photo editor? I am looking to start such a hobby, but would like to get a feel for it before my purchase of Aperture, as I don't want to regret my purchase.


If you're not a serious photographer, then Aperture is likely overkill for you.

If you've outgrown iPhoto, then there are things like the GIMP which is free. But good free photo editing software isn't that easy to come by since they're relatively complex apps - there are several which are basically ways to run Core Image filters. There's a beta of Lightroom from Adobe currently available that you might want to try out - but it's hard to say without knowing what you want to do in such an editor.

Looking at Photoshops Elements (although not free) might be worthwhile. It's a lot cheaper than Aperture and depending on what you want to do, might be enough


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