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looking for a program to edit photos

Any one have or know a free program to tranform a pic in a mosaic of all tiny pic from a bata base that you can creat your self. 

You know a pic made froma 1 000 of tiny pics 
I am thinking you want to create a Mosaic picture from many small images. At this URL, they have a comparison chart of this type of software. Ranges all the way from FREE to $$$. I found the chart really helpful to compare features. 


AutoImager : ull-featured batch image, graphics, and photo editing 

Full-featured batch image, graphics, and photo editing and converter software for 140+ formats (JPG, JPEG2000, PDF, etc). Complete command-line operation and an entire arsenal of editing features (batch resize, flip, rotate, crop, trim and much more) 

One of the most well known free photo editors is The GIMP
One of the most well known free photo editors is The GIMP (http://gimp.org), which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This free shareware was first developed by a couple of Berkeley students in 1996. Since then, volunteers have continued to write improvements. It is available for Unix/Linux platforms as well as Windows (98/2000/NT/XP) and Mac operating systems (OS X). More than one reviewer likens The GIMP to Photoshop CS2. It has tools for manipulating image layers, adding effects and filters, and transformation tools to rotate, flip and scale images. Numerous plug-ins and extensions let this software do almost everything the more expensive programs do. The latest version is The GIMP 2.2.8, which comes with an electronic user manual. 

Cloning by photoshop photo editing

Sometimes there are things in a photo that you wish were not there. The ads in the picture below attract attention away from the two women who are the real subject. 

We can edit a photo in many ways, but to make it look natural, we will change the image by cloning from other parts of the photo using the Clone or Rubber Stamp tool. Cloning in photographs is not illegal ;-) There are several steps to using this tool. First decide what you want to remove and which part of the image you can copy over the part you do not want. In this case we will take the white part of the wall as our point of origin to cover the ads. 

First use the zoom tool to zoom in on the area where you will be working If it looks ok up close, it will look great when you zoom out. Next select the Clone or Rubber Stamp tool. Point to a white area that you want to clone, hold the ALT key and click once. This sets the origin from which you will duplicate. Look at the clone brushes, pick one that's not too big and not too little, preferably a "fuzzy" brush where you wish to avoid sharp lines. Make sure that the Rubber Stamp Options are set to 100% so the new image will completely hide the old image. 
Now slowly cover the ads with white from the wall. You will have to reset the point of origin several times as you do this to cover a large enough area. Avoid covering over anything that you don't have to. The more original material you leave, the better it will look. The farther the point of origin is from the cloning area, the harder it will be to see repeated patterns. (That's the psychology of perception.) If you make mistakes, use the Edit / Undo menu item to undo them or use your History window. You might even get fancy and try to copy the brick wall, but watch out for those lines. 

If you end up with any bad looking transitions between old and new material, the smudge tool can help you smooth over the problem area. 

Save your work.

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