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Photo eidtor: Enhancing pictures - tripling the files size 

I am enhancing pictures (thumbnails to be precise) in Nikon Picture Project and the outcome is generally tripling the file size. eg. a 72kb thumb is coming out at 232kb after adjusting just the brightness & sharpness!! What else can be suggested? Is Photoshop a better option, or anything else for that matter? 
if you are saving in JPG it could be just a quality setting issue. A file compressed in a JPG setting of 7 will be much smaller than the same file saved with a setting of 12 
Maybe the original was saved with a lower setting 

Photo editor: Question about Adobe CS2 

Anybody knows how and were I can find The chipset price on Adobe Photoshop CS2 ? 
not a copy a full version 
I don't trust the eBay on that to many sellers selling this for $100.00 -$200.00 full version 
as you know the price of a $100.00 it is to good to be truth 
Thank you 
Well the cheapest price is to use your PSE id and upgrade to the full cs2 which runs you about 299 usd from Adobe's website. This deal comes and goes quite regularly so you have to watch. 

Another way is to get in on a company or someone purchasing a bulk pack of liscenses. but that usually will run 450-550 usd for the full retail.

how to resize edit images for web by photo editor

What i would like to know is what is the best way to get your jpeg , raw tiff etc ready in either CS2 or what ever so that it looks it's best when i up load to PBase. what size should it be resolution if down sizing what do I use bicubic , smoother, or one of the other combinations etc all these things I would like to know please 

As a general rule, most people seem to use "Save As", and not "Save for the Web". Save As will keep your exif data in tact. The general size is 800 X 600 Pixels, with a quality of 7 or above and keeping the file size between 100 & 150 or so Kb's. This will insure if someone takes an image they can't make a large sized print for reproduction. 

The second option is to use the "Delete" function Pbase has on the upload page, but it's been debated that the quality isn't quiet as good. From personal experience it saves the photo at around 80 to 100 kb, and increases the artifacts, although others use it on a regular basis I also felt it changed the color somewhat. If it's done as I first describe you're displaying the original image and maintaining the best quality. imho

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