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Image editing problem

I want to take portraits in my studio and make the models look like they are standing on a well polished, white floor. I do not want mirror reflections but rather diffused semi-transparent reflections in the floor if you follow. Anyone any ideas how I can obtain this in Photoshop CS2? 

SingleMalt made one mistake, and that was that neither the cube nor the reflection are following the rules of perspective relative to the horizon. 

This is how I do it: 

1) Select your objects that you want to make reflections out of. It doesn't have to be a perfect selection unless you want it to be a perfect, mirror-like selection. Copy it to the clipboard. 

2) Paste it onto a new document and flip it vertically. 

3) Copy it and paste it onto the original picture in a new layer. Move it around until the feet of the reflection are touching the feet on the floor. 

3) Blur the reflection using a healthy Gaussian blur 

4) Lower the opacity of the layer so that the color of the floor shows through 

5) If necessary you can play around with the size and perspective of the reflection using the Edit>Transform tools

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