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Digital Image Suite 9 : photo editing related

This product seriously underperforms compared to Adobe's products. The Adobe Album and Elements combination is MUCH more powerful. Digital Image Suite (DIS) doesn't even create web photo galleries. The keyword function is crazy... it's all one level, so once you add any number of keywords, you have to scroll through long lists (Album has multi-level keyword handling, but only to three levels). With Album, you double-click to edit simple things, such as red-eye reduction and cropping, or right-click for more complicated tasks. With DIS, any editing requires opening Digital Image Pro, which can be a resource drain for the average computer. Additionally, you have to make a copy of a photo to edit a copy... Adobe creates a copy automatically, which prevents you from accidentally editing your original photo. And the red-eye wizard in Album is better... eyes look more natural (note: neither program gets rid of pet "red-eyes", since they're not really red).

Easy Photo Maker - 1.0.7 
Save money on expensive photo paper. Other graphics programs can only print one image per page. With Easy Photo Maker, you can layout as many as 30 photos on one page. Or be creative and make a collage. 

PicCut is a programm to edit and view images 
by EW-Projects PicCut is a programm to edit and view images (just like ACDSee). It can everything you usually need to edit an image, like for example rotating the image, color-correction and easily cutting areas into a new image. Very handy if you... More want to get your photos printed by a printservice. With Image Up and Down can be scrolled through all images in a directory. Also you can create a HTML-Gallery from you photos. 

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