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Why the pictures look so bad in Photoshop: PHOTO EDITING PROBLEM

What I don't understand is why the pictures look so bad in Photoshop (working with JPG, not RAW). They look okay with a basic picture viewer, but in photoshop they look much darker. It isn't that annoying, until I go to lighten them with Photoshop and then they look too light with other viewers.
You just need to set your color space in Photoshop and you should also have your monitor ( I use Monaco Pro ) calibrated so you are not changing color settings in a program to compensate for your monitor showing wrong color tones on screen which inturn sends a print to the printer which prints it looking different again , color management is all about having your monitor printer and Photoshop in harmony with each other , it doesnt work to good doing one without the other , the monitor is what you see its probably the most important link in the chain of color management . 

I use Adobe RGB1998 color space , I have my camera set to that color space also and my monitor is calibrated using Monaco Pro , next step for me is printer calibration but I,ll wait untill I buy my next printer an Epson 2400 in a few weeks , I,ll get that profiled then my color management is complete . 

You find the PS color settings under Edit -color settings or shift-ctrl-K on a PC . 

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Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements runs neck and neck with Corel as the best photo-editing software. In fact, we've rarely seen two products so evenly matched in reviews. The latest version of this photo editor is Photoshop Elements 4 (*est. $90). Like Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements is lauded for its advanced functionality combined with an easy-to-use interface. Since Elements is also made by Adobe, it shares some features with Photoshop CS2, including Healing Brush, which erases wrinkles and blemishes. Reviews note that the dust filter available through Photoshop Elements is the best available (aside from Adobe Photoshop CS), and several one-click functions such as red-eye repair and photo-repair (color, contrast and cropping fix) work very well. The helpful 'Hints' floating palette and tutorials assist first time users. There is also a tool for merging photos, which will resize, skew and blend multiple images. Experts say the layer adjustments are on par with Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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