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Nexus Imager digital imaging program 
Nexus Imager is a fast high-resolution digital imaging program with a thumbnail browser that allows the user to view, organise, edit, save and print images. 

GRAFXSHOP an image and photo editing software

Emryn GrafxShop is an image and photo editing, page publishing and web authoring software for Microsoft Windows. The aspiring artist can effortlessly create high-impact, stunning graphics and web pages. The package consists of GrafxShop - Image Editing, GrafxPage - Page Publishing, GrafxWeb - Web Authoring, GrafxShow - Slide Shows and GrafxShop Secure FTP. (27MB

GIMPguru.org: Image Editing TutorialsPhotographers
GIMP Image Editing TutorialsPhotographers These tutorials show step-by-step techniquesaccomplishing a variety of photographic "digital darkroom" tasks usingGIMP image editor.

Image Editors with PNG Support 
For the purposes of this page, an "image editor" is defined as a paint or drawing program that supports pixel-level editing (or the equivalent). As a general rule of thumb, if it's got a pencil or paint-brush tool, it's in; if it supplies only "algorithms" (such as sharpening, blurring, edge-detection, cropping, etc.), it's not. See the Image Converters page for applications in the latter class. 

As on the other PNG-applications pages, links to home WWW sites or to downloadable versions are provided where known, but if a link is broken, check the location and see if an updated version is available (and please tell Greg!). Relevant operating systems are printed in (parenthesized italics

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