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Using Microsoft Photo Editor Effects Menu(7)

Stained Glass

Produces an effect similar to a stained glass version of your image. Use the slider bars to adjust the size of the glass cells, thickness of the cell borders, intensity of the light. Drag the square in the preview window and press the Preview button to preview the change you've specified with the Effect controls.


Produces an effect similar to a stamp or block print of the image in black and white. Use the slider bars to adjust the light/dark balance and smoothness of the final image. Drag the square in the preview window and press the Preview button to preview the change you've specified with the Effect controls.กก


Produces a textured effect of the image with Type (pattern) options that include Brick, Burlap, Canvas, Sandstone, and TIFF file (to import your own texture). Use the slider bars to adjust the scaling (density of the pattern) and relief (depth of the pattern) of the image. The Light Position control controls the light direction used to create the pattern effect. The "Invert Texture" check box inverts the pattern (select the Brick type to view the effect of inverting).


Photoshop Move Tool Problem (photo editing problem)

I've got this problem on photoshop, it started right after i formated my hard drive. Whenever I would select something and attempt to rotate the selection using the move tool it wouldnt change the cursor to a rotate cursor, it just wont even tho i would go so slowly to the corner to the selection. also when i place my cursor over the selection it would turn into a copy cursor...i've never experienced this sort of problem before and i do not know how to fix it.

i am using photoshop 9 cs 2, have tried photoshop 7 to see if the problem is there too and it is.

Tarzieaskingforhelp? o.O


if other software is working okay then it's unlikely to be the mouse and keyboard. have you tried the proverbial uninstall and re-install? disable antivirus software before you reinstall if you are going to do so.

are you using the same video card drivers before the formatting of the HD? i updated the video card drivers recently and i found one of the programs became ridiculous to use. i reverted back to the older version and things returned to normal.


photo editing problem: sharp the picture

From what i've read smartsharpen is a better alternative to unsharp mask but i'm having trouble with it. What settings are people using? I used a couple of ideas that I have read on here and my pictures came out quite noisy.


I'm a sharpness freak.. I love sharp pictures, especially sharp portraits


I've only recently gone down the road to sharpening via the luminosity channel in LAB and have been impressed with the results. I've also stuck to sharpening via USM as I haven't been able to get results out of smart sharpening that I'm happy with. So I'll give your tips a go this evening.

One question I have though is about your selective sharpening. If you're shooting RAW don't you apply some sharpening to the whole picture in general and then further sharpening selectively? Or do you only apply selective sharpening?.

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