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Set color of photo with photo editor

One quick and easy way for a picture like your example is with selective color. This tool would be perfect for your image, because you could quickly select the pink and red tones in the image; and the degree of 'fuzziness' in the selective color tool determines how much latitude the tool has in choosing its color. Then if there's something missing from the selection you can grow the selection using the select>expand (either to adjacent or non-adjacent similar pixels). You can also grow or contract the selection using an arbitrary number of pixels. The magic wand can also fill in some sections. Finally, unless there's a sharp, high contrast border, it's always good to feather the selection a bit (similar to using a soft brush on the edge of the selection. 

Picasa 2.0 is more of a photo-album tool,

Another option is something like Google's Picasa. Picasa 2.0 (http://picasa.google.com/) is more of a photo-album tool, with a focus on organizing photos more than editing them. But Picasa does contain a bunch of photo-editing tools to cut, crop, and fix red-eye. You can adjust highlights, contrast and brightness, or apply effects like sepia or soft focus. The whole package is easy to use. PC Magazine's editors award this free digital-photo software with an Editor's Choice Award. In a review at PC World, Grace Aquino says that Picasa's organization tools were "a bit frustrating," but Picasa's editing tools really shine. Picasa is for Windows only.

Wondershare PixManager is free digital photo management tool 

Wondershare PixManager is a professional free digital photo management tool which makes it easier for people to acquire, organize, browse,improve and enhance their photographs, as well as create photo CDs, personalized slideshows, customized prints. 

How to Create Images by photo editor

Creating images is the easiest aspect of getting an image ready to use on the web. Once the image has been made it needs to be converted so it can be used on your website.

Editing is a little more complicated and is described in more detail below. The creation of images can be accomplished through a variety of means. Cited below are several obvious and a few not-so-obvious ways to get pictures ready for editing.

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