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ACDSee Photo Editor 4.0 new features (2)

Auto-Adjustments: One-click Auto Color Balance, Auto Levels, Auto Sharpen, or Auto Contrast.

Repair Tool: Easily remove blemishes, spots, or scratches from a photo and get the results you’re looking for almost instantly.

Gradients: Apply pre-set color gradients, or create your own and apply them to text and objects in your photos for a blended color scheme that you probably thought only a professional could create.

How-tos: Guided walk-throughs that teach you how to be creative with your photos. They walk you through different creative tasks you want to do with your photos, step by step, from start to finish.

Adjustments: Displays up to 8 different previews of your original photo, right on screen, each preview showing a different variation of the adjustment or effect you’re applying.

Using MS Photo Editor to resize the photo

It is important to resize the photo to the approximate display dimensions that you anticipate using in your final delivery media, such as a web page or a Word document. If you are scanning an image of yourself for your portfolio (required!), you must resize the photo now to a perfect square of 150 x 150 pixels.

Select Image / Resize and enter 150 for both the Width and Height dimensions. You will need to also select Allow Distortion so that the both dimensions can be set identically:

Using MS Photo Editor to alternative text and referencing images

All images used on the web must be referenced correctly and given alternative text.

Place you cursor over the image and right click. From the menu select Picture Properties.

Under Alternative representations type in the Text field you alternative text for your image. Alternative text for images is one of the Corporate Web Standards. All images must have alt text, those images which add no information value to page such as bullets (Hampshire Rose or navigational icons) can be given space in the alternative text " " signifying that it is an image but that there is no relevant information attached to this image. This does not mean not filling in the Alternative text option in Picture Properties - you must go into the Picture Properties and add a space into the alternative text field.

Please ensure that any image used on the internet has the owner's permission and is referenced correctly. Copyright should be indicated either in the alternative text or on the web page.

What is MS Photo Editor?

Microsoft Photo Editor comes FREE with Microsoft Office and allows the

user to quickly and easily manipulate digital images. The type of file

formats that MS Photo Editor can open and save to are: gif, bmp, jpg, jpeg,

tif, png, and pcd.

As an alternative to Adobe Photoshop, MS Photo Editor is easy to use and

has a much smaller set of tools and options to work with. Photo Editor

is handy for basic photo and image manipulation tasks such as cropping,

resizing, and stylizing. For advanced tasks we recommend Adobe

Photoshop (see Photoshop QuickStart Guide). See also Photoshop Elements

as an intermediate alternative.

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